Set up DanceList for your Mobile

This is where you configure DanceList so that you always find the nearest dance with one touch on your mobile. You can use your smartphone to complete this form but it is designed to be filled in sitting at your computer, where it's easier, and then send the information to your phone.
Follow these steps to set up the search you want. You can always change it later.

Step 1
How far ahead shall we look?

Step 2
How far are you willing to travel? Distance in miles is in a straight line. Time in minutes is an estimate (usually quite a good one) of the driving time.

Step 3
Select up to three dance styles:
Ceroc / Leroc
Mark Keeley's Good Rocking Tonight
Modern Jive
Modern Jive All-Dayer
Modern Modern Jive
Rock n Roll
Smooth Jive
Swing / Lindy

Step 4
If your web browser is capable of determining your location (most smartphones can, as well as Chrome, Safari and Firefox) and you allow it to do so, you will be offered the option to search from "Here" - i.e. wherever you are at the time. In case this doesn't work, you need to set up at least one postcode to search from. You can set up to four and they will be shown on a menu.
Name (e.g. "Home", "Work")Postcode

Step 5
Finally you need to bookmark the search on your mobile. If you are using your mobile now, you can go straight to the search. If you can scan QR codes, we will generate one. Otherwise, we will create a short code you can type in. Whichever method you choose, you should bookmark the search once it appears on your mobile.